Wellness is an essential aspect of Tulum culture and of Nômade Life. From artfully designed living spaces to wholesome menus and restorative elixirs, Nômade seeks to guide our guests to the experience of true health and wellness during their stay.

For this reason, we have curated a series of wellness-oriented activities facilitated by distinguished teachers and practitioners of various fields. Group activities vary from talks, workshops and ceremonies and address wide range of topics; from ancestral rituals to modern practices. They bring our guests together and allow connecting in a meaningful and conscious way. They not only allow active relaxation but also facilitate learning and growth. Celebration balanced with active relaxing is enriching and elevating.

Also available is a curated list of private sessions, with our favorite local practitioners, for those willing to go deeper. In Nômade we strive to go beyond conventional practices and next to most common practices like yoga and mediation, we want to expose our guests to things that might be new and reveling, like Human Design or sexuality.

We hope to plant a “seed of inspiration” which will continue to grow within you and which you may carry with you long after your time with us has come to an end.

From this seed, we hope you will blossom and flourish, and inspire all others you encounter along your journey.

We invite you to join us, not merely for a “vacation” but for a transformative journey, and a deep immersion of wellness, culture, and spirit.

Weekly program